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By Jerry Sandusky

A compilation of drills designed to increase and increase all uncomplicated abilities for linebacker play. Well-illustrated in an easy-to-understand variety. contains warm-up drills, stance drills, circulate drills, tackling drills, laying off blockers drill, run safety drills, and move speeding drills.

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The ballcarrier heads for the goal-line, and the linebackers converge and touch him. Finally, the quarterback throws the ball out to one of the wide receivers, and the linebackers pursue and touch the runner. All linebackers should be encouraged to sprint to the ball carrier. Page 37 Drill #27: Between the Bags Objective: To improve a linebacker's ability to change directions quickly while moving laterally. Equipment Needed: A minimum of four blocking bags. Description: The blocking bags are placed on the ground parallel to each other as illustrated in the diagram.

Coaching Points: While in the up position, the linebackers should remain in a good movement position with their feet moving in short, choppy steps. Page 24 Drill #14: Lateral Start Objective: To teach linebackers the proper techniques for initiating lateral movement. Equipment Needed: None. Description: The coach has the linebackers stand in a straight line facing him. With a hand signal, the coach directs them to slide once in the direction that he points and then come to a complete stop, while maintaining their stance.

The linebacker (LB) begins in a position just outside to the left of the first bag, facing toward the coach. On a signal from the coach, the linebacker slides or runs laterally between the blocking dummies at approximately a 45-degree angle. When he reaches the outside of the next blocking dummy, the linebacker pivots back to the inside (while continuing to face the coach). The drill continues non-stop in the same manner. After the linebacker reaches the last blocking bag, he sprints backwards for five yards at full speed.

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