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By Carroll F. Terrell

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Also 78/481]. 2. les gradins ... " At 91/614, "the steps" are 44. [Asked about the disparity in 19n, Pound affirmed 44, which would include the arena pavement. FR; cf. ] 3. Baldy Bacon: Francis S. , fl. 1910, American businessman whom Pound met at CANTO XII Sources Mostly nonliterary and personal experience. Odyssey I, 3. the old Weston boardinghouse at 24 East 47th Street during his 1910 visit to America. " 9. " 10. " 11. Mons Quade: An associate of Baldy Bacon's. In "Stark Realism" [Pavannes] Pound wrote about Quade: "This little American went to the great city Manhattan.

10 below] . of Sigismundo's officers in the battle near Vitelleschi in 1461. Piero della Bella is called a "gay bird" because the Italian (Broglio's chronicle, given by Tonini) reads il gagliardo Fiero della Bella, where gagliardo can have 9. o: R. Malatesta, 1442-1482, Sigismundo s eldest son, made legitimate by Pope Nicholas V. " "Roberto" III refers to Sigismundo's eldest son [cf. 8, 9 below; 9:61,63; 10:51]. " But 3. dilly cavalli tre milia: I, "of horses, three thousand," Sigismundo had only 1,300 cavalry and 500 foot soldiers to the pope's 3,000 cavalry and 2,000 foot soldiers.

A: South American. 20. Stambouli: Stamboul, the oldest part and main Turkish residential section of Istanbul. Although the idea of shocking the stuffed-shirt bankers with the bawdy story emphasizes the humor of the scene, the story may have another significance. " And about sodomy, Pound wrote: "In theology, as Dante knew it, the usurer is damned with the sodomite. Usury judged with sodomy as 'contrary to natural increase,' contrary to the nature of live things" [SF, 61; see also SF, 265]. CANTO XIII Sources Doctrine de Confucius: Les Quatre livres de philosophie morale et politique de la Chine, Paris, 1841, Traduits du Chinois par M.

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