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By Wadham Pigott Williams

"It is now approximately six years in the past that the Committee of the Somersetshire Arch?ological Society requested me to collect a thesaurus of the Dialect or archaic language of the County, and placed into my arms a precious choice of phrases via the overdue Mr. Edward Norris, medical professional, of South Petherton. i've got accomplished this job to the easiest of my skill, with the sort co-operation of our past due first-class Secretary, WM. ARTHUR JONES; and the result's ahead of the general public. We freely made use of Norris, Jennings, Halliwell, or the other collector of phrases that shall we locate, omitting mere peculiarities of pronunciation, and that i enterprise to pray it's going to end up that we have got now not ignored a lot that's left of that attention-grabbing outdated language, which these nice innovators, the Printing Press, the Railroad, and the Schoolmaster, are quick riding in a foreign country. "

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To soil, daub Silker s. a court card 'Sim t' I it seems to me Simlin s. a kind of fine cake intended for toasts Sin, Sine conj. since, because Sinegar s. the plant stocks Singlegus s. the orchis Skag s. a rent, tear, wound Skenter, Skinter adj. relaxed, as applied to oxen Skiff-handed adj. awkward Skiffle s. as to make a skiffle, to make a mess of any business Skiffling s. the act of whittling a stick Skilly s. oatmeal porridge Skimps s. the scales and refuse of flax Skimmerton-riding s. the effigy of a man or woman unfaithful to marriage vows carried about on a pole accompanied by rough music from cows'-horns and frying-pans.

Mad, ex. I be mooast maazed; a mazy ould vool Mear, Mear-stone boundary (A S meare) Meat-weer adj. applied to land capable of producing food that is good, fit to eat; applied to peas, beans, &c. Meg s. the mark at which boys play pitch and toss Meg's, or Maggotts Diversions s. rattling or wanton fun Meg-with-the-wad s. will o' the wisp Melander s. a row (Fr. a. to meddle, touch; ex. , I will not touch it Mesh s. moss; lichen on apple-trees Mesh s. a hare's creep or run v. to run through the same Mess, Messy v.

A sweetheart (Dutch snoffen, to sigh) Snool v. to smear anything by rubbing the nose and mouth over it (Dutch snavel, a snout) Snop s. a sharp blow Soce, Zuez s. pl. voc. friends (Query socii) Sog, or Sug s. a morass. Soggy adj. boggy; also as a verb, to be sugged-out by the wet Sowle v. to handle rudely, to hale or pull “He'll go, he says, and sowle the porter of Rome gates by the ears” (Shaks. Coriol. iv. 5) Spane s. the prong of a fork Sparcled, Sparked, Spicotty adj. speckled Spar-gad s. sticks split to be used for thatching Sparrables, Spurbles s.

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