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Furthermore, a minimal projection in Mi,j m remains minimal in MPi' and is thus equivalent to ei· Thus [fjlM = L\,j [eilM' as was i=1 to be shown. (b) This follows because J1 = [11M and "jj = [I1N. n (c) Given i E {I,··· ,m}, there exists j with Piqj"l 0 because L qj = 1, hence i=1 the ith row of A~ is not zero. Similarly, no column of A~ can be zero because m LPi i=1 = 1. e. r. (f) If dimK(ZM n ZN) ) 1, there exists an idempotent r E ZM r of 1. With an appropriate indexing of the Pi's and qj' s, one has n ZN with r"l 0 and Chapter 2: Towers of multi-matrix algebras 46 PI'·· ·,Pm,jql'·· ·,qn' E rMr Pm'+l'···'Pm jqn'+1,···,qn E (I-r)M(I-i:) for some m' ,n' with 0 < m' < m and 0 < n' < n.

Proof. 7 of Appendix 1. 5. Norms of graphs and integral matrices 27 Remarks about E = M{O,l}} (1) Given s,t E E, one may look for an explicit graph with spectral radius s+t (respectively st, and ~s+(s2+4kt2)1/2}). 13 of [CDS]). (2) Say sEE is irreducible if sf. 0,1 and if s = sls2 with s1's2 E E implies sl or s2 = 1. =1 Any number in E can be factored as a product of finitely many irreducibles. Are there only finitely many factorizations? lXII? )? 1. Introduction. The first purjX>se of this chapter is to study inclusions of one finite dimensional serni-tlimple algebra in another.

Is a minimal idempotent in the factor Mat (1<). • ~ 1 Consider a multi-matrix pair N (M and assume that there exists a faithful trace tr on M with faithful restriction to N. ) Then there exists a unique I<-linear map E: M -+ N, called a conditional expectation from M onto N, such that E(y) =y E(YlxY2) for all yEN = y l E(x)Y2 tr(E(x)) = tr(x) One has of course EEL = End~(M), for all x E M and Yl'Y2 E N for all x E M. and we will show that L is generated as a vector space by the elements Xl E~ for xl'x2 E M; in short: L = (M,E).

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