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The Institute proposed to publish a series of volumes on the state of social science teaching and research. Some of them were issued: in June 1937 the book Les Sciences Sociales en France: Education et Recherche appeared in France under the direction of Professor Bouglé. Czechoslovakia, Italy, Japan and Norway were other countries in which works on the same topic were published or initiated. Natural sciences When the International Committee on Intellectual Co-operation was established, an invitation was issued to a group of prominent scientists to collaborate with it.

Co,,, FIN’AI. d I:OGC :AT1 K :ll; S1. %1. OR(;ANISATJOX [“m,! PZt. ,, . . . .. ,. ,,,,. The UNESCO Constitution. A session of the Preparatory Commission, London, February 1946. , < THE (Al. 10 A history of UNESCO Independently of the above sessions of the Conference on Higher International Studies, the International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation had agreed in 1928 to add the field of the social sciences to its overall work programme, and a very important step was the preparation of an international survey of the problem of automation, conducted in collaboration with the International Labour Office.

The basic topic was ‘Current relations between European and American cultures’, focusing on mutual relations. The meeting was not very successful, and Stefan Zweig summed it up as follows: ‘To have the full value of reality, a meeting always involves knowledge of the subject, and we must openly admit that we Europeans are the weak side here, because we do not know enough about things in Latin America’; 8. In Paris, on the topic ‘The future fate of letters’. The meeting was held from 20 to 23 July 1937 in the context of Intellectual Co-operation Month.

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