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By Ian Morris, Barry Powell

This quantity is the 1st English-language survey of Homeric stories to seem for greater than a iteration, and the 1st such paintings to aim to hide all fields comprehensively. Thirty prime students from Europe and the USA supply brief, authoritative overviews of the nation of data and present controversies within the many professional divisions in Homeric reviews. The chapters pay equivalent realization to literary, mythological, linguistic, old, and archaeological themes, starting from such common difficulties because the "Homeric Question" to more recent matters just like the relevance of narratology and computer-assisted quantification. the gathering, the 3rd book in Brill's guide sequence, The Classical culture, may be useful at each point of research - from the final scholar of literature to the Homeric professional looking a basic knowing of the most recent advancements around the complete variety of Homeric scholarship.

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The detail of 'the fatal letter' must come to Homer embedded in an Eastern dragon-combat myth, whose hero's name invokes the Semitic Storm-god Baal. 'A man, wishing to destroy his enemy, gave him a sealed letter to deliver on a far frontier. '" The story appears in the biblical account of Solomon and Bathsheba (2 Sam. 11, I ,2). Lykia, where Chimaira lived, whence the story must come, is contiguous with lands which used all kinds of scripts from a very early time. Summary and Conclusions We began with a paradox, the concinnity of the historical Homer and the date of the invention of the alphabet.

Or earlier, at the same time that a reformer in the East gave a new value [ps] to 'I' (from its hypothetical original nonphonemic value of *9h, made obsolete by phonemic X = [kh] in Eastern scripts); still, literacy must have been restricted for such alterations to 'catch,' the only ones made deliberately to the adapter's model. In the Western scripts, 83 is not r = = r Though there were other affricates, as ""'l or 'T' (apparendy -ss-I-tt-) attest. ' 27 There is not room here to discuss A. Kirchhoff's division of the epichoric scripts into Red (Western), Blue (Eastern), and Green (Southern): A.

O~? From slightly later come other intriguing bits from Pithekoussai in the Bay of Naples. Because short West Semitic inscriptions are found here too, where Euboian and Phoenician lived cheek by jowl, some wonder if the alphabet did not arise here; but Euboia and Pithekoussai are Aegean and western nodes of a common nautical and international society. Most celebrated of the Pithekoussan finds is one of our oldest substantial inscriptions, the three line inscription on the so-called Cup of Nestor, c.

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