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By B. R. Myers

Enlarged from an Atlantic article, Myer's e-book is an assault on pretentious, poorly written "literary" fiction.

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Brian Reynolds "B.R." Myers (born 1963) is an American affiliate professor of foreign reports at Dongseo collage in Busan, South Korea, most sensible identified for his works relating to North Korean background. Myers is a contributing editor for The Atlantic, and an opinion columnist for the recent York occasions and Wall road magazine. he's the writer of Han Sorya and North Korean Literature, released through Cornell in 1994, A Reader's Manifesto, released via Melville condo in 2002, and The Cleanest Race, released via Melville apartment, in 2010.

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Which sounds an awful lot like an America that Andy Warhol began commenting on in the sixties. and in far more coherent fashion to boot. Warhol even wrote better. for God's sake. But postmodernism presupposes nothing so much as the willing suspension of cultural literacy. Most of White N0ise's reviewers in 1985 hedged their bets by praising DeLillo‘s intellect — or. my favorite. his “analytic rigor“ (Jay McInerney)79 -— while offering no more than a phrase or two of textual evidence. preferring instead to give away most of the novel‘s silly plot.

He can always counter by saying. "Hey. I don't make the allinclusive. consumption-mad society. " You get the idea. Of course the narrator. a professor called Jack Gladney. can't actually see what‘s inside the students‘ bags: he's just trying to be funny. So is there really a caravan of station wagons. or is that also a joke? l-low much of that passage are we supposed to care about. or even to bother visualizing? Such questions nag at the reader throughout White Noise. We are no sooner introduced to Jack and his wife than their conversation marks them as impossible contrivances.

But since Niko does not know where James is really going. no "discrepancy" is being left behind in him. and neither his "faith in naming" nor his "lifelong system of images" is being tampered with. Even if he did know the guests true destination. he would merely conclude that he is being lied to. DeLillo knows this too of course. so he throws in the following: The lie was deeper in Greek than have been in English. it would This may put any last doubts to rest for monolingual readers, but those of us who know that it's always easier to lie in a foreign language (or swear, or say we love someone) become more skeptical than ever.

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