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By Guy F. Webster, Anthony V. Rawlings

Addressing essentially the most often encountered stipulations visible by means of the dermatologist, this resource analyzes the pathophysiology, assessment, analysis, medical gains, and regulate of zits. With full-color illustrations, this resource delves into the on hand cures for tricky circumstances of zits and scarring and offers specialist discussions of administration regimens together with topical and systemic cures, laser remedies, and new medicines.

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In vivo, the presence of EGF inhibited the sebaceous gland differentiation in sheep (153), and in hamster ears, it stimulated the sebaceous glands to proliferate (154). Receptors for EGF are found in sebaceous glands (155). Based on this evidence, Kealey and colleagues proposed that EGF may be, in part, responsible for sebaceous gland atrophy observed during acne lesion formation (7,152). EGF can also induce changes in sebum composition. Ridden (156), reported that there was a fall in the amount of squalene and a corresponding rise in cholesterol, although this was not corroborated by other researchers (157).

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