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By Neil Perryman, Sue Perryman

One woman's enormously sweary, thoroughly unofficial, yet sometimes insightful advisor to the 1st 26 episodes of the cult BBC technology fiction sequence Blake's 7. This e-book collects the 1st 1/2 the reasonably winning Adventures with the spouse and Blake web publication ('The method Back' to 'Star One') and incorporates a new creation, particular episode annotations and a foreword via Gareth Roberts.

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Distilled in its pages the reader will find over twenty years’ study of original objects, textual research, laboratory tests, and first-hand archaeological field work in China. Chapters I-II lay out the archaeological evidence for the dispersion of Song blue and white porcelain to the Xi Xia State and the Jin dynasty along China’s northwestern Silk Road. For locations in modern-day Inner Mongolia I refer to the 1989 Neimenggu Zizhiqu Dituci; its maps are accurate, precisely-scaled, and include the smallest place-names.

78–80. Langdon Warner (1926), pp. 75, 79, refer to the “Etsin-gol 18 chapter one “Of the two oldest original maps of China which are still in existence and which were engraved on stone in 1137 AD,4 the Huayitu (Map of China and Foreign Countries)5 shows the Edsen-gol [Ejina River] region in greatest detail. The direction and length of the sourcestreams and of the main river, and the position of the terminal lake, are surprisingly correct in relation to the Yellow River, especially if one considers the summary treatment of the other areas on the border of China proper.

Pp. 72, 74, 77. , p. 74 (n. ” However, as Evgeny Lubo-Lesnichenko points out, Kozlov’s finds at Heicheng “related to the Tangut culture and art overshadowed the material pertaining to the time of Mongol rule” there. Moreover, Stein clearly recognized that the documents uncovered in Tangut script attest to the Xi Xia occupation-horizon at Heicheng (cf. 2, n. 19). If Hobson dated the blue and white found at Heicheng (and its environs) as Song it was because he considered them as having been imported from China during the Xi Xia (contemporary with the Song).

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