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Offers with the position of the U.S. Air strength in advising the South Vietnamese Air strength and waging battle in South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos from 1968 via 1975.

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The Vietnam battle positioned unforeseen calls for upon American army forces and gear. The primary US naval fighter, the McDonnell F-4 Phantom, had initially been designed to shield the Fleet from air assault at lengthy variety. although, its large strength and bomb-carrying means made it an seen candidate for the assault venture in Vietnam from 1965 onwards.

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C la ire L. Chennault, who promised to launch diversionary air raids to cover the parachute drop. 1<) By the e nd of May 1943, Miles and Devereux had succeeded in assembling a group of eighteen Army, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel, most of IliA I")rogram for Guerrilla Warfare in Fren ch Indoch ina , Apr 43, Miles Papers. I

1940, vol. 4, Tile Far East (Wash ington, 1955), pp. 64 - 65. Slaies- Vie/llam 17 Advice alld Slipport: TIle Early Yea rs, 194 1 - 1960 placing an emba rgo on sa les of high-grade fuels and scrap iron to Japan. In July 1941 the Japanese occu pied th e southern half of V ietna m w ithout resis- ta nce . The Fre nch fla g still fl ew over Vie tn a m a nd Fre nch officials sti ll governed, but 50,000 Japa nese garrisoned the count ry. The Japa nese used airfields in th e south and nava l bases at Cam Ranh Bay.

Professor La Barre expressed the opinion that the ope ration "might ve ry well have succeeded" had it been pu t into dfect. 21Wedemeyer's Data Book, sec. 20, RG 332; quote from Organiz:ational Report, 5329 th Air G round Forces Resources Technical Staff, Aug - Se p 44, pp. 13 - 15, 14th Air Force record s, 30 Sep 44, Albert F. Simpson Historical Research Cen ter, Maxwell Air Force Base; Charles Fenn, rio (I,,' Mil/II (London: Studio V ista, 1973), pp. 75 - 76. 2253291h Air Ground Forces Reso urces Tech Staff RpL Aug - Sep 44, pp.

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