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Download Aikido: The co-ordination of mind and body for self-defence by Koichi Tohei PDF

By Koichi Tohei

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It’s what’s going to happen in three or four generations—forty-five years or longer—that really worries us. “Superficially, polar bears may appear to be secure in some places. But everything we’ve learned about them over the past three decades suggests they will not fare well at all in a world with little or no ice for a good part of the year. Polar bears live almost entirely on a diet of seals. To suggest that they can suddenly switch and find enough food eating berries or salmon or hunting down caribou, as some people say, is fanciful.

After several minutes, they prodded the bear to see if it was recovering. There was no response. Stirling then knelt down and pulled on the bear’s tongue, as he would typically do to see how deeply tranquilized the animal might be. Again, there was no response. A few minutes later, he tried again, assuming that nothing would happen. But this time he made the mistake of reaching into the mouth from the front instead of the side, as he always does to avoid the possibility of the bear’s sharp front teeth clamping down on him.

When we approached within 30 yards of them, the mother turned and charged open-mouthed. Candy, our harpooner, pushed the lance into her neck. She took the lance in her teeth and dived and came up roaring among our oars . . (Finally) Milford finished her off. She dropped her head into the water, her last look being directed toward the cubs who were blowing out and swimming to sea. We shot one of the cubs with a bullet. The other kept swimming around its brother. Milford threw a noose over the other’s head and drew him up to the boat’s bow, where he hung roaring and biting the boat’s stem.

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