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By Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Tells the tale of a tender girl's dramatic break out from slavery through the Underground Railroad, from the point of view of her liked rag doll.

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This was not a real railroad with trains that traveled beneath the earth. It was a secret network of courageous people, black and white, who worked together to help slaves steal away to freedom in northern and western states and to Canada. No one person knew the entire system of escape routes and safe houses, and some details remain unknown to this day. Dedicated individuals like the boatman, the silver-haired woman, and her husband, risked much to be part of this movement. Runaways faced even greater dangers.

Others were caught, returned to their masters, and punished severely. Many captured runaways were whipped savagely or sold, never to see their families again. Some were fitted with iron collars, painfully shackled, or had their toes cut off to keep them from running away again. Still, thousands of slaves escaped through the Underground Railroad. ” Massa was a deliberate misuse or corruption of the term, used by slaves to diminish the respect “master” commands. overseer: a person who directed or supervised the work of slaves; sometimes called a “slave driver” because of the harsh treatment he inflicted privy: an outhouse skiff: a small, flat-bottomed boat slave catchers: white men paid by slave owners to track and capture runaway slaves within and beyond the local area.

Lindy calls my name. The silver-haired woman is closin’ up the floor. Lindy! Wait! But she can’t hear me, ‘cause I ain’t got no voice. The boards shut out the light. When the floorboards open again, sunlight shines in. The silver-haired woman comes down the ladder. “There you are,” she says, pickin’ me up. ” She straightens my dress. ” She sets me on a blanket and tucks it ‘round me. “Sleep tight,” she says, and carries the lantern and privy bucket up the ladder. Then she closes the floor. If I coulda made tears, them blankets woulda been wet clean through.

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