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By C. Glenn

Tracing the history of Native American education in North the United States, this booklet emphasizes elements in society at large – and infrequently within indigenous groups – which led to Native American children being break away the white majority. Charles Glenn examines the evolving assumptions approximately race and tradition as utilized to education, the reactions of oldsters and tribal management within the usa and Canada, and the symbolic in addition to useful function of indigenous languages and of efforts to keep up them.

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1 To this end, members of Catholic religious orders worked among Huron, Micmac, and other Indian peoples in the seventeenth century. ”3 The royal charter awarded to the Massachusetts Bay Company, and the promotional materials developed to encourage investment and emigration, “considered Indian conversion integral to the Puritan goal of establishing a holy commonwealth in the New World. The colony’s seal even depicted an Indian pleading, in the words of Saint Paul’s vision reported in Acts 16:9, ‘Come Over and Help Us’,” holding an arrow pointed downward as a token of peaceful intentions—an image that is still found on the state shield.

Although there would be reservations of other Indian tribes in Oklahoma, the societies that these five peoples built were uniquely advanced as measured by the standards of White America. A number of boarding schools had already operated among the Cherokee when they were living in the Southeast, as the result of initiatives by missionaries and in response to demand by the significant element of the tribe who were of mixed ancestry and wanted schooling for their children comparable to that received by white children.

A Church for each of the three Districts, to be used also as school houses . . [and] . . ” This, they argued, would be more effective than schools for the individual tribes, since by bringing together Indians from a variety of tribes, they would be forced to learn and use English. 26 On the other hand, this civilizing work should be carried out at a safe distance from the corrupting influence of white settlements. As President Andrew Jackson put it, in his Message to Congress in December 1833, the Cherokee and Seminole could not continue to exist surrounded by our settlements and in continued contact with our citizens.

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