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IF an author's main fubject is deftitute of it may be rendered grand, innate grandeur, by comparing or fomeway afTociating it with objecls grandeur and fublimlty. 27 fuch. By the fame means objects naturally the real greatnefs of a fubjeft is increafed. SECT. II. Hence metaphor, comparifon, and imagery are often productive of (ublimity (n). Cicero raifes Ctefars idea of clemency, by reprefent- ing it as Seneca (p) gives a fub- godlike (o). lime idea of Cicero's genius, by comparing it with the majefty and extent of the Roman empire.

E merit Of the ta/lc of 50 ment and fagacity, and of fuccefsj feeling Part imitation. I. includes the pleafant the recognizing refem- blance, in confequence of comparifon, augAnd when the imiments our pleafure (e). tation intended, our admiration of the (kill is and ingenuity of the artifl diffufes itfelf over the effect from which that Ikill is inferred, and compleats the delight which the work infpires. HENCE the rapture with whichaconnoifleur beholds the capital performances of the eminent matters in painting or fculpture.

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