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By Baker H. Morrow, V. B. Price, Robert C. Heyder

Anasazi structure and American layout is a trip via Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde with best southwestern archaeologists, historians, architects, panorama architects, artists, and concrete planners as courses. In 16 chapters, the volume's twenty-two essayists establish Anasazi construction and cultural good points concerning layout and placement making plans, cosmography, mythology, and ecology, then expertly stability their observations of previous architectural and cultural achievements with feedback and proposals for layout practices within the present.Among the individuals are Santa Clara Pueblo architectural theorist Rina Swentzell; architects Tony Anella and Stephen Schreiber; historian Richard Ellis; paintings historian J. J. Brody; archaeologists Stephen Lekson, David Stuart, Michael Marshall, John Stein, and Dabney Ford; city planners Theodore Jojola, Judith Suiter, Stephen Dent, Barbara Coleman, and Paul Lusk; and artist Anna Sofaer, founding father of the Solstice venture.

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The Wetherills also worked with Gustaf Nordenskiold, the Swedish archaeologist who also was a superb photographer and whose photos of Mesa Verde sites were displayed not only in the United States but also in Europe. The early twentieth century was noted for the continued development of scientific archaeology, distinguished by the work of A. V. Kidder and others. At the same time, the mass media also became interested in the Anasazi. 2. A scene from Vanishing American, Paramount Pictures (1925) even the prominent Pathe film company worked in Mesa Verde in about 1920.

Moreover, startling evidence suggests that the Anasazi of Chaco Canyon may have organized many of their buildings and building complexes in patterns that are harmonious with the cycles Page 2 of the sun and the moon, thus bringing architecture firmly into the service of ritual. Anasazi landscape elements such as platform mounds and road networks also may have served religious purposes. The Anasazi, showing an uncommon restlessness, constantly built and rebuilt their stone cities, only to abandon the cities after a century or two in favor of new townsites many miles away.

Moss took Jackson's partywhich included Ernest Ingersoll, a writer for the New York Tribunedirectly to the ruins in Mancos Canyon. Jackson noted that the discovery attracted "considerable attention," causing Hayden to send him back to the area in 1875. In 1875, Jackson used 20 inch by 24 inch glass negatives to photograph Anasazi sites in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah as he traveled to the Hopi villages and back. Publication of his reports for the Hayden survey was significant for focusing attention on the connection between the Anasazi and historic Pueblo people.

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