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By Sir Edward Burnett Tylor

Anthropology: an creation to the research of guy and civilization. 512 Pages

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Negros, Mongolians, Whites, and other races, were distinct species, each sprung from a separate origin in its own region, then the peopling of the globe might require only a moderate time, the races having only to spread each from own its But the opinion of modern zoologists, whose birthplace. study of the species and breeds of animals makes them the best judges, is against this view of several origins of man> First, that all tribes of men, from for two principal reasons. the blackest to the whitest, the most savage to the most cultured, have such general likeness in the structure of their bodies and the working of their minds, as is easiest best accounted for by their being descended from a ancestry, howevjr distant.

It is safest to be content at present to regard it as a geological period lying back out of the range of chronology. It is thought by several eminent geologists that stones shaped by man, and therefore proving his prein England and France in beds deposited sence, occur before the last glacial period, when much of the continent submerged under an icy sea, where drifting icebergs dropped on what is now dry land their huge boulders of rock transported from distant mountains. This cannot be lay taken as proved, but if true our estimate of man's age.

On like those been using to our is in- neatly shaped and edged by rubbing is oil a grinding-stone, been waste of labour i later stone to grind, but they are the whole, these it The would have chipped out with stone implements are which the North American Indians have own day. The question is. how long ago MAN, ANCIENT AND MODERN. I-l who made such tribes Europe. As implements were Using stone in we may fairly judge from the position found in Denmark, The forests of that to this, which they are country are mainly of beeches, but in in tlie peat-mosses lie innumerable trunks of oaks, which show that at an earlier period oak forests jjrevailcd, and deeper still there lie trunks of pine trees, which show that there were pine-forests older than the oak forests.

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