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By Denis Cosgrove

Winner of the organization of yankee Publishers specialist and Scholarly Publishing Award in Geography & Earth Sciences

"Earthbound people are not able to include greater than a tiny a part of the planetary floor. yet of their mind's eye they could seize the entire of the earth, as a floor or an effective physique, to find it inside of infinities of house and to speak and percentage pictures of it."—from the Preface

Long sooner than we had the facility to photo the earth from space—to see our planet because it will be noticeable by way of the Greek god Apollo—images of the earth as a globe had captured renowned mind's eye. In Apollo's Eye, geographer Denis Cosgrove examines the ancient implications for the West of conceiving and representing the earth as a globe: a unified, round physique. Cosgrove lines how principles of globalism and globalization have shifted traditionally with regards to altering pictures of the earth, from antiquity to the distance Age. He connects the evolving photograph of a unified globe to politically strong conceptions of human harmony.

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To imagine the earth as a globe is essentially a visual act, as the Apollonian gaze implies. Yet the Apollonian image also recalls the earthly globe enclosed within other spheres, a home or dwelling, thus implicitly local and rooted. ³⁷ But the dialectic of detachment and engagement is as phenomenological as it is historical. Seeing the globe and sensing the earth have both shaped and been shaped by the Western imperial and colonial project of making the modern world. Eurocentrism itself indicates that the imaginative experience of the local has shaped the meanings of the global.

All were sons of Adam and thus capable of salvation. In the terrestrial spaces beyond the frame of the oikoumene are other, hybrid creatures having human and nonhuman characteristics: tails, rabbits’ ears, dogs’ heads. ⁵⁶ Their physical forms denote the moral tensions between the universalism inherent in the Judeo-Christian idea of global creation and a single human family, on the one hand, and the apprehensions of a European localism whose limited geographical knowledge denied the ascription of humanity to the inhabitants of “other” places.

Chaos gave birth to Erebos and black Night; then Erebos mated with Night and made her pregnant and she in turn gave birth to Ether and day. ¹⁰ A living earth breeds giants and heroes—including Atlas himself, who “supports the broad sky / on his head and unwearying arms, / at the earth’s lim- CLASSICAL GLOBE its”¹¹—and ultimately mortals, whose social evolution Hesiod outlines in the companion song, Works and Days. Golden, silver, and bronze Ages are characterized by successive and progressively violent and destructive beings, culminating in a race of men/gods, including the Homeric heroes of the Trojan War.

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